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  Ningbo Beilun Chuangyu Pipeline Equipment Factory is a collection development, design and production, marketing, installation, commissioning and integration of professional firms. Our products involved are: belt line series, plate chain, speed chain line series, electronic plug-in line, ring trolley line series, air suspension lines, power drum line, drum line without power series, all kinds of lifting machine translation, jacking rotary machine, drying oven, test sets, tables, 90-180 degree plate chain, belt line corners, no power assembly workbench and nonstandard equipment, can provide customers with products of the Ministry of equipment , assembly, testing....
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Add :Xiaogang Street Beilun Ningbo
Tel :0574-87877642
Fax :0574-87877641
Contact :Mr.Wang | 15990205292
Website :http://www.sanlingweixiu.com
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